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Nikon F3


  • The Nikon F3 was introduced in March 1980.
  • At the time of its introduction, the F3 had the fastest regular production motor-drive, with a maximum speed of 5.5 fps with mirror down, and 6 fps with mirror up.
  • The Nikon F3 High-Eyepoint was introduced in March 1982. The High-Eyepoint finder had an eyepoint of 25mm, the longest of any regular finders before or since for Nikon cameras. 
  • The Nikon F3 AF was introduced in 1983. It was Nikon's first attempt to add autofocus to an SLR. The AF module was built into the new DX-1 finder. Two AF lenses were introduced at the same time.
  • The F3/T, a titanium bodied version of the F3HP, was introduced in 1983. The champaign edition of the Titanium version was discontinued in 1985. A black version of the Titanium edition was produced until 19?.
  • A special weather sealed version of the F3HP, known as the F3P, was sold to professional photographers only.
  • A Limited edition F3HP was made for the Japanese market only.
  • In 1998, while the Nikon F5 was in production, a special pellical mirror version of the Nikon F3P was made; known as F3H, this version allowed motorized film advance up to 13.5 fps, the fastest ever in a Nikon SLR.
  • By 1992, over 751,000 Nikon F3s had been sold.
  • Nikon F3 production was discontinued in 2001, making it the longest running Nikon SLR camera.
  • The F3 was the first Nikon camera to be styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro.