Ricoh GR Digital III

The Ricoh GR Digital III is one of the very best compact digital cameras. The GR series has a reputation for excellent handling and the GRD3 is no exception.

Mini Review

  • Comfortable to hold despite small size. The rubberised grip and the thumb rest helps improve the hand hold-ability.
  • Great handling - frequently used menu options can be easily accessed by configuring various controls. 
  • Expensive for a fixed focal length compact small sensor camera; for a little more money, one can get the Panasonic GF-1 and a 14mm f2.5 (28mm equivalent) lens.
  • Fixed focal length of 28mm.
  • Lens is of very high quality but is let down by the small sensor. The lens does not exhibit coma aberration even at f1.9.
  • Images are good up to 200 ISO, noise increases at higher ISOs.
  • Usability is amongst the best. 
  • There appears to be some noise reduction even in the RAW images; this is unexpected and disappointing in a serious camera.
  • Shutter lag and AF speed are quite good.
  • Offers snap focus mode where shutter lag can be further reduced by setting focus to a fixed distance. This is helpful in street shooting.
  • Because of the fixed focal length, it is easier to use an add-on optical viewfinder. The camera focus confirmation can be seen from the corner of the eye when using an optical finder.
  • Ricoh only supply raw conversion software for Windows platform.

Sample Images

External Reviews

There are surprisingly few reviews of the GR Digital III. The new GXR system seems to be hogging all the limelight of late. 
  • The most thorough and detailed review of the GR Digital III can be found at Sean Reid's camera review site but this is not a free site. To read the review, you need to be a member. Sean compares the GRD 3 with Panasonic LX5 and LX3.
  • Sample images are available at
  • Review at Photography Blog.